Great organizations are made from contributions of every element. It is derived from entrepreneurial and disruptive spirits which are held affirm over years. GKMIT always encourages entrepreneurial spirit among its employees by giving abundant opportunities to shine bright. In these 9 years the journey was a roller coaster ride, but obviously we learned from our mistakes and errors. And learning and improving our professionalism has made us unique from others.

We would like to thank our founder Mr Jeetesh Sisodia who gave us the guidance and shared his experience in every path of struggle. His vision helped us achieve several milestones and made the journey smooth.

Skit of life at GKMIT- let’s raise the curtain

Originally published at https://www.gkmit.co on September 9, 2021.

Through more innovation comes easy peasy tips and techniques. To help programmers write better code OpenAI and Microsoft have come together to release a technical preview of Github Copilot. As of January 2020, Github reported 190 million repositories and 28 million (including) public repositories, making it the world’s largest host of source code. The Github tool is acquainted with specific functions and features that help developers quickly recover and discover alternative ways for problem-solving, writing tests and new API exploration.

What is Copilot based on?

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