In the space of mobile and web application, Node.js plays a prominent role. It is a part of the tech trend in the software world. For a variety of applications and creating applications, it has proven very efficient and useful. Thus business owners are eager to leverage this technology for creating better and smart apps.

Do you want to use Node.js but confused about opting the best Node.js app development companies for your upcoming projects! Well, don’t stress over it; we got you covered through this blog. The following list will help you find the best partner.

Let’s have a…

Python web development services

GKMIT is among the leading Python web development companies in India. We offer custom and user-friendly web and desktop application development services in Python and Django. Our dedicated python engineers work dedicatedly to ensure your projects deliver desirable results. Since 2012, we have delivered diverse projects to clients hailing from multiple industry domains. Unleash the power and realize the full potential of Python with our customized web development solutions.

Python solutions

Owing to our incredible expertise in offering a broad spectrum of Python development, we are considered one of India’s best companies. Get end-to-end Python development…

Henry Ford Health System announced, in early October 2017, about the system hack and stolen record of 18,470 patients. On July 25–26, a virus blocked the documents (images, files and notes) of 128000 patients of Arkansas Oral Facial Surgery Center. In September, Augusta University Medical Center declared data theft during a breach. This type of attack was the second phishing effort against healthcare providers in just five months. The above three are the most notable data breaches that occurred in 2017.

The health and human service Office for Civil Rights (OCR) department has received 233 breach reports and many more…

MongoDB vs MySQL —  database management — choose for business —  web development — gkmit
MongoDB vs MySQL —  database management — choose for business —  web development — gkmit

The Companies looking for relational databases worldwide, MySQL database has become one of the go-to-inexpensive options. Choosing the database for apps is a significant challenge. Relational DBMSs like PostgreSQL, MS SQL, and MySQL are rocking the market. Whether you are considering database technology for mobile development or large-scale software solution, the choice is less. There is a big fight between choosing the right database: MongoDB vs MySQL.

MySQL is the most popular and commonly used database for projects and web development. The exponential growth has brought growth and variety of data, and time is changing fast. …

Node.js vs ReactJS: What To Choose For Your Next Project?

JavaScript is one of the most popular languages and have many frameworks to choose from. Node.js vs ReactJS are the two most popular among all, but developers struggle to decide on one.

Around 11810 companies, including Airbnb, Slack, and Instagram, currently use JavaScript in their tech stacks.

According to developer survey 2020 conducted by Stack overflow, 69.7% of that is 47,184 professional developers gave preference to JavaScript.

The major difference between Node.js and ReactJS is that Node.js is a backend framework, and ReactJS creates an amazing user interface. Well, the common similarity is we can use both in web application…

HIPAA Compliant Hosting For A Web Application: Questions to Ask

When considering web application infrastructure, the first consideration is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The US government protects health information through the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Protected Health Information (PHI). The information is stored, processed, transmitted through web hosting; thus, it needs to be secured. HIPAA rules relate to data handling regardless of party handling. There are many questions you would like to ask while hosting a web app.

The BAA is critical, as it defines the two parties’ responsibilities in the HIPAA business associate relationship. Staying compliant with HIPAA is really important…

How To Choose The Best Frontend Framework?

The idea of creating a new product is exciting, but the foremost challenge lies in choosing the right frontend framework. In the steps of product requirements, there come many challenges. Frontend frameworks are widely used on the web as it makes the job of web developers and designers easy and offers a great development experience.

We all know the Javascript world is full of dozens of libraries, frameworks and tools. With lots of options comes a lot of confusion and thus creates a double-edged sword situation.

Though you get a lot of space for creativity and experimentation, you are sometimes…

UX Lessons to learn from Nike GO FlyEase

UX Design — UX lessons- designers- gkmit
UX Design — UX lessons- designers- gkmit

The moment I saw a GIF popping up in my Instagram feed, I was literally obsessed with it. You are seeing and reading the recently announced Nike GO FlyEase, a pair of hands-free sneakers where innovative engineering meets user experience.

The motive behind Nike launching this shoe is to enable every person to wear fashionable and comfortable shoes regardless of disability. What is so exclusive about this product is that along with addressing needs, Nike pioneered the inclusive design in it?

The Nike GO FlyEase is a hands-free shoe, which comprises a hinge and a flexible tensioner around the shoe…


Over the last few decades, the role and responsibility of average CTOs have changed a lot. The cloud’s introduction has brought a new scheme and ensures a driving force for enterprises to shift to the cloud.

What has become the major intertwining issue which affects each decision? Risk identification, budget management, and innovation often control all. CTOs see the cloud as a huge opportunity to tackle business and technical challenges. From a technology point of view, it helps with legacy infrastructure, obsolescence costs, and the team’s high onboarding expenditure. …

A wide range of technologies is coming together to create a globally connected network of electronics known as the Internet of Things(IoT). 2021 holds the most rapid technological advancements in history. IoT will generate annually $123 billion by 2021.

Smart homes, self-driven cars, and efficient transportation is made possible through IoT. It helps businesses increase sales and strategies for the future by collecting valuable data. Now accomplishing an arduous task has become easy, as companies are now adopting IoT connected tech and using IT staff augmentation.

New staff augmentation is rapidly increasing new development projects of business without sacrificing long-term…


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