Golang Advantages — Benefits of programming with Go

We all are very well aware of Go, which is also known as Golang among developers. Let’s learn about Golang advantages in brief. It is an open-source programming language from Google which made it release in 2011. Go design was first initiated by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson in 2007 and open-sourced it in 2009.

NOTE: Languages from which Golang is inspired are Modula, Smalltalk, Oberon, Algol, Pascal, C and Newsqueak.

Let us brief you on how and from where the Go language was inherited. The programming language was taken from Oberon, the syntax was inspired from C, and the OOP was taken from Smalltalk. The concurrency came from Newsqueak.

It’s the time to Go

When compared to other languages, Google’s Golang comes with good advantages.

Languages like Ruby, Nodejs or JavaScript may not sometimes bring the desired results due to compiling runtime errors, dependencies and speed. The comparison shows Node and JS are a bit wild, and Ruby can be slow, and a bit unsafe, and Java gets complex at times and lengthy too. Go fights these problems to an extent and provide some advantages to the user. Of Course, there are some cons as every coin have two faces.

Golang advantages

  • Easy to learn

Golang’s specification is full of examples and merely 50 pages long. This language is quite easy to read and learn from the specification. Clean syntax indicates the language is easy to maintain. Features that make Go simple are the minimal interface, no implicit conversions, and clear code separation packages. The main emphasis of go language is on minimalism and readability. Go has a few orthogonal programs constructed which combine in tiny and powerful ways. Golang also provides automatic formatting of code.

  • Fast and high performance

Being a compiled language, it means the code you write is directly translated into relevant format instead of compiling onto byte-code first like other languages. Golang is faster and more reliable as it does not involve middle-man. As it is a compiled language, the code written in Go runs fast. There is a slight disadvantage when someone tries ad hoc importing with high performance, though high performance is beneficial for all. The Go compiler supports cross-compilation, which lets you compile your code with different language machines.

  • Transparent

Golang syntax is meant to be transparent. The one standard code format is created automatically by fmt tool. Go language makes it easy to read your code and estimate resources. Languages like Python are as readable as Go, but not very transparent. Read the complete comparison of Go vs Python.

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We are an IT outsourcing company specialized in product development and technical consulting. Our team expertise in web, mobile and infrastructure development.

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We are an IT outsourcing company specialized in product development and technical consulting. Our team expertise in web, mobile and infrastructure development.

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